Track Record

The research group in Soft Computing, Image Processing and Aggregation (SCOPIA), from the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB), was created the 1st of January 2017. All its members come from the former group LOBFI (Fuzzy Logic and Information Fusion), well-known in the field of Fuzzy Logic and Soft Computing, both at national and international levels. Due to its size and in order to make it more operative, the group LOBFI decided to split into two different research groups, one of them being the SCOPIA group.

SCOPIA was created with the intention to continue its research capacity, and maintain and even exceed that level of international impact and recognition. With this aim in mind, SCOPIA is in touch with most of the Spanish and foreign groups specialized in related topics, both theoretic and applied. It remains a member of the "Balearic Islands Health Research Institute" (IdISBa), and it participates in different projects with some medical groups of the University Hospital of Son Espases (HUSE) in Mallorca and General Hospital "Dr. Juan Bruno Zayas Alfonso" in Cuba.

At present, SCOPIA is formed by eleven researchers, specifically, nine have a doctoral degree and two are doctoral students, and its main research lines are:

  • Soft Computing tools: theoretical development and applications
  • Image analysis and processing. Applications to biomedical images.
  • Fuzzy logic and fuzzy sets. Aggregation functions and logical connectives. Functional equations. Decision making models.

The group was created in 2017 but as already mentioned, most of its members have been working on these topics during many years, and they have produced a great amount of results. It is worth to highlight the following achievements (until 2016):

  • More than 150 papers published in journals with Impact Factor (most of them in the first quartile).
  • More than 70 papers in other journals and also book chapters.
  • More than 160 communications at Conferences (both national and international).
  • About 20 competitive research projects (from the Spanish Government and from tle local Government of the Balearic Islands).

One of the main objectives of SCOPIA is the formation of PhD students. On one hand, the experience and evolution of the doctoral members of the group guarantees its capacity to offer the possibility of making PhD thesis (2 in process), and on the other hand, the contacts with many other national and international research groups working in related topics allow our reaserch students to study temporarily in some of their respective research institutions.